I've always wanted to explore the trials and tribulations of Superheroines who bumble through their confrontations with Villains, rather than emerge victorious. Nearly all Superhero comic books, TV shows, and movies insist that their spandex-clad Superheroines brandish holier-than-thou attitudes and be omnipotent and omniscient. The beautiful and sexy superheroines always found ways to escape traps and never faced Villains who would take advantage of them while incapacitated. Where is the fun in that?! If you had a voluptuous and helpless Superheroine at your disposal, would you leave her to her fate fully clothed and without at least a quick feel?! Of course not. We know what SHOULD be done with two models in a online comic book story. We hope you agree that any Superheroine story should have at least one scene of situations from catfight might arise. We also think that scenes of female wrestling should also be included whenever possible. However, prior to enjoying the fruits of fantasy, there should be a lot of chloroform, trampling and bondage. Perhaps you would agree that any Superheroine in distress who is able to escape from being hogtied, she should be rewarded with a good estrogen-charged romp with the Villainess (or possibly Villain) that so afflicted her?

     It's goal of exploring the superheroine fetish in comic book pictures and video formats. We also try to bring to life elements of hentai and manga erotica. If you can't find what you are looking for, write a story or send us your suggestions of what you'd like to see. But enough about Super-heroines. What about Superheroes and their exciting confrontations with beautiful spandex clad babes? We know that it's also important to cater to those fans who like to see Superheroes humiliated by lycra clad Superheroines managing to fight back successfully. Remember how much we thoroughly enjoyed it when Batgirl, Catwoman, or Wonder Woman were in an episode, much less when they managed to crush the feeble henchmen? Didn't you wish you could be one of the henchmen facing those sexy crime fighters in capes, and boots? Continue to explore Superheroine nirvana with us! Thanks for visiting.